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COVID-19 is transforming business, speeding the adoption of new technologies. How can our workforce adapt to the future while it’s being created? Kaiser Permanente’s Future Ready series will showcase innovative ways to learn on the job, build skills and adopt practices to prepare for new care models and new ways of working. Join our virtual series to find steps you can take to respond to these changes and be future ready.


Past Events

Learning new skills

Debbie Hughes of Markle Foundation

Learn why skills, not just experience, could help you land your next job. Explore the future of work skills with Debbie Hughes of Markle Foundation. Hughes will detail the importance of digital resilience — the ability to adapt to expanding and complex technologies — and discuss the rise of skills-based hiring. The live webcast will be moderated by Brenda Purvis, Kaiser Permanente senior workforce planning consultant in the Northwest Region.

Learning new skills

Priscilla Gill and Dawn Nelson of Mayo Clinic

How do you deliver care today while making time to learn the skills needed tomorrow? Get insights into the future of workforce learning from Priscilla Gill and Dawn Nelson of Mayo Clinic. They detail the integrated health system’s efforts to create a learning environment and provide examples of how to build learning into delivering care. Kaiser Permanente nurse education leader Peggi Winter moderates this webcast. To learn more, read this story and view the replay.

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Michelle Weise Ph.D.

Michelle Weise in Oakland

Michelle Weise, chief innovation officer, Strada Institute for the Future of Work, discusses the importance of continuing to learn both technical skills and human skills such as communication and problem-solving. “Cultivating our uniquely human skills may be the best way to prepare for an uncertain future,” Weise says in the first Future Ready event. To learn more, read this story and view the replay.

Nemo quaerat nam beatae iusto minima vel

Ben Pring in Portland

Benjamin Pring, director of the Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant, discusses the newest trends in workforce skills. “The only way to deal with disruption is to be proactive,” Pring says in the second Future Ready event. “Invent your own future rather than allow the future to happen to you.” To learn more, read this story and view the replay.


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