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2015 Workforce of the Future Conference participants were inspired by Robert Reich's hopeful message about the importance of labor-management partnerships and the creation of good jobs. Conference participants also learned about how Michael Johnson rose from the stock room to the UPS Board Room through career development programs and how PG and E enhances the management skills of mid-level managers.


Conference keynotes inspire us with challenging ideas about health care delivery and the role of health care in the U.S. economy. Sean Duffy explained how technology can extend the human touch! To improve the health of pre-diabetic patients Omada Health has provided an app to remind people about healthy eating habits and exercise. Robert Reich discussed the role of health care in the United States economy as a sponsor of good jobs as well as delivering quality care. He also discussed the valuable role of the KP-CKPU labor management partnership. It is the strongest partnership in the country.


KP is not only transforming care; it also is transforming KP business and human resource support services. The KP "People Strategy" is just one initiative that will improve the way KP staff are supported. Check this website regularly for updates and new initiatives.

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People Strategy: Importance of Workforce at KP

Kaiser Permanente's People Strategy is the roadmap of how the KP workforce will create value for the members, patient and the community we serve.

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Upskilling: Panel sharing best practices on upskilling the workforce

Moderated by former NWFPD Director, Laura Long, panelists examine keys to individual employee and manager success at Kaiser Permanente, United Parcel Service and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. SEIU/UHW Kaiser Division leader describes how union leadership has contributed education initiative success.

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